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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Brexit.

Just a short post of my thoughts right now.
Referendum over and both sides are still EQUALLY insufferable.
I'm a political guy. I like policy, I like debate, I like *argument*
What I don't like is the vicious vitriol and bigotry of both damn sides.

We were choosing which kind of turd to have in our sandwich, not between superman and superhitler.

The fact that one of the evils was picked over the other doesn't make half of the country racists.

The fact one side got 52% of the vote does not magically invalidate the opinion of the 48% (this is literally within a statistical margin of error, it's not a landslide, it's not a mandate)
Nor the spoiled ballots or fence sitters. (turnout was very good, but still only 70%+)

We've taken a leap as a nation.
It could go badly.
It might not.

Staying in the EU is more safe, absolutely.
Safety may not always be an appropriate motive.

Lets just have some more humanity people.
The world hasn't ended, we've not magically shifted away from Europe geographically.
Even if you think another person was wrong, quit assuming malice!