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Friday, 11 September 2015

The hypocrisy of social justice.

The recent Breitbart article on Sarah Butts has shown in stark relief how little the social justice world cares about justice, social or otherwise. It shows how little they care even about their own crusades (which are simply a self righteous excuse to attack other people)

For years the social justice hate mob has attacked people on zero grounds (from Tim Hunt joking to an appreciative audience of female peers, to Matt Taylor's shirt, to various politicians, CEOs and public figures holding beliefs in the past that are no longer popular)

This self same movement declares we must listen and believe.
We must condemn those accused by any woman that feels she's been wronged in any way, even if the allegations are false or vindictive.

This hate mob does not even argue against these charges of malicious conduct.
They CELEBRATE them as necessary "collateral damage." As evidence that their ideology has power.
They measure their influence in the damage they are able to inflict to innocent and guilty alike.

The victim (fake or genuine, accused or accuser) does not matter. Only media attention on their political hot button.

I think any claims they are on the side of justice are now officially over.

The only necessity to be "guiltless" is to be aligned with them.
The only thing that can make one guilty is to disagree.
If you disagree, but are otherwise faultless, then you bear the guilt of others, real or imagined.

To any fellow left wing bleeding heart that stumbled upon this I'd ask one thing.
Do not take for granted who the enemy is and who the friend.
The history of the left is littered by the betrayal of leaders, substituting their authority and their agenda for the cause they were supposed to champion.
Do not allow history to repeat by allowing that Trojan horse through your walls.
Beware those who claim to support the values you hold dear, but display them so rarely. Hold them accountable for their deeds, just as you would an avowed enemy.

This sickness on the left (laughable, considering the agenda they push. Corporatism in lipstick) must be expunged.
It serves no purpose except to hand victory to the political right.
When people are driven away from idealism by identity politics, when divisiveness is promoted as a cure for social ills, the status quo wins.
Institutions are by nature conservative (they must be to function) when you allow these hypocritical bigots to dominate the discourse and fix the agenda, there can be no challenge mounted against the nature of the system.

Do not be fooled by calls that telling the truth is harassment, or that disagreement is abusive.
I personally wish to see all those who hold these hypocritical and tribalistic attitudes burn to the ground, and the earth salted.
When such extreme, immoral behaviour can be excused and dismissed without pause while others are condemned for no action they have taken, my reason abandons me for the passionate rage I feel against injustice.