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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I am a great believer in multiculturalism.
The joys of shared experience become magnified when you appreciate the divides between people.
Also, for the curry.

Sadly,  when cultures share a space there will inevitably be a clash. Tension. Bigotry.
Human nature is inherent in us, no amount of education will remove it entirely.
So, why promote something that results in so much harm?
Simply, the benefits, the joys, the growth; it outweighs the negatives.
Without the mass immigration after World War II the UK would not have recovered so far or so well.
The deaths of a generation of young men could not be ignored. Those men, those heroes, could not be replaced but their sacrifice had to be justified.

However, multiculturalism does not mean simply inviting unique cultures in to sit at their place, isolated from wider society, so they can be marveled at like an animal in a zoo.
Integration is an essential part of the process.
Not a loss of our unique qualities, but a willingness to engage beyond ourselves.
To do otherwise is to remain an alien, to isolate and disenfranchise. To be nothing more than a token to be used by ideologues claiming to represent you.
This has been done time and again in my beloved nation.
Immigrants from all over the old empire, the common wealth coming together with a shared history, a heritage of shared sorrows and blood.

The cultural isolation offered by modern identity politics proponents eliminates or diminishes the benefits while exasperating the negatives.
It writes out differences in stark relief, condemns integration as cultural genocide (much like the racists they are supposed to oppose) and describes the enjoyment of other cultures as "appropriation."
To me "cultural appropriation" does nothing but attempt to shame people into self segregation. Negroes and Whites need to have their own fountains, because social justice. It's no different.
It is a sickness that raises the fever of a nation, breeding discontent in every demographic and serving only to isolate us from one another.
It is anathema to real multicultural values.

Identity politics is not the only culprit in the growing tensions between native citizens and migrants.
The loss of social housing has resulted in private tenancy servicing most people.
In many areas landlords show a marked preference for specific immigrant populations.
Understandable, on a personal level, as being close to those with a shared culture is comforting. As a strategy within a civil society, it is disastrous.
Cultural ghettos form with members of these communities isolated from the wider population. Such homogeneity results only in tensions between "outsiders" and these small communities and a lack of integration which I find essential for immigration and multiculturalism to operate effectively.

I often find that issues such as these are avoided by mainstream thinking.
Honestly, I believe the blame once again resides on identity politics and the liberal elite that manufactures it.
An appreciation of diversity and acknowledging the power of inclusion to improve society becomes corrupted by the guilt of "the majority"
Many sincerely believe they are simply "checking their privilege" but in actual fact they are merely reinvented "white man's burden"
The motivation behind much social justice thinking in the modern West is no different than that of the historical Christians that just wanted to bring civilisation to the Barbarians. (that means people of colour, mostly, if you were wondering)
It is very much a form of racism. It advocates judging people on their physical identity, while also claiming physical identity is a social construct.
Moral relativism based on race, gender and ethnicity.

We need to work to break this fever.
Celebrate our differences. Celebrate EACH OTHER.
Equality should not mean moral relativism.
Multiculturalism should not mean cultural segregation.